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Who We Are

Pastor Rick first received his call to ministry when he was just 5 years old in a little church on the banks of the Mississippi river in a small town in Southern Illinois. As he grew, he developed a great love and talent for music. Choosing to follow his love of music, he worked for years as a professional musician and later became a popular nightclub entertainer in the Chicago music scene. After a life changing encounter with God, he left the music business and moved to The Colony, Texas to answer the call to ministry. He began by ministering in music at what is now Calvary Christian Center (C3 Church). Shortly after, he began attending “Christ for the Nations Institute” while serving as Associate Pastor, Music Director and Teaching Pastor. During a transition of leadership, Pastor Rick became the interim pastor of C3 Church until elected to Sr. Pastor. Today, he continues to serve as the Lead Pastor of C3 church. His life is a living testimony to the redeeming power of God’s love.

“My greatest desire is to see people forgiven, set free and restored by the power of God’s love, His Word and His Spirit. Our mission is to simply help others to “know Christ, grow in Christ and show Christ” in their everyday lives. Are we perfect people? No. Is it a perfect church? Absolutely not! We’re just “real” people doing “real life” together in a real spiritual community, simply serving God by serving others. If you would like to join us in the journey, we would love to have you with us.”

– Pastor Rick McCoy