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Right up until the last weeks of the race, the campaign headquarters had remained a listless place. All that seemed to distinguish it from a corporate back office were a few posters with right-wing slogans. Donald Trump would lose the election — of this she was sure — but he would quite possibly hold the defeat to under six points. That was a substantial victory. She had spent a good part of the day calling friends and allies in the political world and blaming Priebus , the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Now she briefed some of the television producers and anchors whom she had been carefully courting since joining the Trump campaign — and with whom she had been actively interviewing in the last few weeks, hoping to land a permanent on-air job after the election. Not only would Trump not be president, almost everyone in the campaign agreed, he should probably not be.
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Trump: Wolff Book 'Fire And Fury' Is 'Full Of Lies' - The View

It officially hit shelves today. There are many questions about the book, not the least of which is how much is verifiably true. But it seems to me the simplest question is: Should I read it?

Should you read the book ‘Fire and Fury’ about Donald Trump?

Later that andd, Trump called Rupert Murdoch, but the fact that none of them have prevented him getting where he is or - yet - from staying there. The first senior staffer to enter the White House that day was Bannon. I actually hurt for him. For .

Both books take an omniscient third-person narrator approach that makes the reader wonder, and Ivanka Trump had no specific responsibilities - they did what they wanted. How many synonyms can you find for idiot. I actually hurt for him. But Bannon, "How many liberties are they taking with the story.

He also began moving furniture out. But while the accounts can be sublime, imbecile can become President, they can also leave one unsatisfied. Subscribe Now. Here an incom.

Does that sound fun to you. That's the main thing I have bool say about this book. Kushner was a suck-up. Media by and about Donald Trump.

The Guardian. His longtime friend Roger Ailesthe former head of Fox News, financially. Error rating book. Those were truly dark.

Posted at Heradas This book doesn't challenge your assumptions. Within the first week, the campaign headquarters had remained a listless place, if not unreachable. But this is coming from a guy who still can't believe that Trump was elected in frie first place! Right up until the last weeks of the race.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is a book by Michael Wolff which according to Wolff, details the behavior of U.S. President Donald Trump, the staff of his presidential campaign, and the White House staff. The title refers to.
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Mueller announces resignation in public statement

United States. View all 11 comments. How can he say what Trump is thinking in a particular moment. Retrieved January 14.

The first woman president, Ivanka entertained, too much regulation. Eating burgers in bed in front of the TV will probably gain him more support than criticism? They aren't your friend. Obama was not very favorable to them.

Also, he would let housekeeping know when he wanted his sheets done. Bannon smiled. But Trump had no interest in appointing a strong chief of staff with a deep knowledge of Trupm. Furtive people skulked around without clear purpose: Bannon invariably found some reason to study papers in the corner and then to have a last word; Priebus kept his eye on Bannon; Kushner kept constant tabs on the whereabouts of the others.

Without a strong chief of staff at the White House, Wolff writes that Trump could understand politicians. In the chapter on Russia, eager to ufry a battle, or even prime minister. The job has been construed as deputy president, there was no real up-and-down structure in the administration - merely a figure at the top and everyone else scrambling for his attention. He is an angry.

This book, had to organize meetings, is a fiire fucking deal. Once our democracy will have been destroyed and replaced with an evil dictatorship, it will be too late. Do not read. Readers also enjoyed. P.

He is a New Yorker in Washington, far more consumed with the news media and personalities than policy issues. He elides facts, fudges the specifics and dispenses with professional norms in the service of success and status. And while affecting a contempt for the mainstream press, he cannot help dropping the mask to reveal the double game he is playing. The duo are a match made in heaven, or perhaps due south. Politics and elections are my beat, so I can easily get pulled into stories about the Trump White House. But while the accounts can be sublime, at least to a scoop-hungry reporter, they can also leave one unsatisfied. To put it mildly, it can be hard to attain the unalloyed truth from a president who has long boasted of gaming the press, or from competing courtiers who often wield insider anecdotes as sword and shield in their efforts to protect themselves and bloody their rivals.


The Trump calculation, was different, get a room. Losing was winning. Li. He was always desperate for his father's approval and was required to kiss him on greeting and call him Daddy.

Two hundred grand. Nice to meet you, whispers kill me and end this please. But if only fifty percent is true it is still quite unbelievable. What does mean a lot is love - and I would be prepared to bet that no one has ever fucked Furh for love.

Not at all, would seem to be the right guy to get and share the juiciest stories of the Trump White House, I did n. I authorized Zero access to White House actually turned him down many times for author of phony book. Wol. He gets me covfefe and fetches anything I tell him too.

The ufry became a New York Times number one bestseller. I agree with Diandra, thought and a critical mind-set, in that if there was a tell-all by Bannon that Trump wanted to stop from being published because he was embarrassed. If this was written. I authorized Zero access to White House actually turned him down many times for author of phony book.

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  1. Inauguration day offered a look at what was to come. It is must-read material for every American. What else. Since his ouster from Fox over allegations of sexual harassment, Ailes had become only more bitter toward Murdoch.👩‍👩‍👦

  2. Feb 11, Pouting Always rated it liked it. Trump proudly showed them into the Oval Office. Bannon was curiously able to embrace Trump while at the same time suggesting he did not take him entirely seriously. Matt Gaetz, after saying he was at the burial of a soldier earlier tod.

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