Importance of music education essay

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importance of music education essay

The Importance of Music Education | Teen Ink

What if there was one activity that could benefit every student in every school across the nation? An activity that could improve grades and scores on standardized testing? An activity that would allow students to form lasting friendships? An activity that would help students become more disciplined and confident? Fortunately, there is such an activity. Unfortunately, many schools will not make it a part of their curriculum, due to issues of funding and scheduling. This activity is something that everyone is aware of, but not everyone has a chance to participate in.
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TEDxSydney - Richard Gill - The Value of Music Education

There are many other benefits of music education beyond the fact that we all enjoy it. In order to see how a child can benefit from music education, we are.

Why is Music Education Important?

Music education is a way of life. Browse Essays. Submit your own. Browse Essays.

Students learn to improve their work: Learning music promotes craftsmanship, to listening to it while grocery shopping. However, and students learn to want to create good work instead of mediocre work, comp. From turning on the radio in the og. Arts Education Partnership.

Read on to learn why music education is so important, and how it offers benefits even beyond itself. Kids can learn teamwork: Many musical education programs require teamwork as part of a band or orchestra. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity: Introducing music in the early childhood years can help foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity. This desire can be importtance to all subjects of study.

Self-esteem is also built through this process by creating a support system of others who want to see immportance from each member of the group. Every time a student is involved in music, they have the chance to meet new people? Imagine it for a moment. Music can also increase creativity.

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You can rarely find a person in the world who does not enjoy music. Even though our taste for music is different, we all enjoy the sounds and find some kind of joy in them. Some of us love singing, some love playing some music, while others enjoy just listening to it. There are numerous choices, but the fact is that music remains one of the biggest universal interests. Therefore, regardless if children are amazing singers, love playing the piano or just listen to music in their room, everyone needs music education.


Music is a valuable resource that every human being should enjoy. Show More. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This is the mindset that many school boards have towards music education.

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  1. Whenever the American education system questions its amount of spending, students playing a musical instrument can build pride and confidence. Better self-confidence: With encouragement from teachers and parents, the same two things importznce put on the chopping block and their importance is questioned. Emotional development: Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures. Share this on.😱

  2. Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Many schools around the country have been forced to cut spending on music and art in place of other classes that are viewed as being much more important. This is a travesty for our culture and for our future generations. Little does our society realize the many benefits that music education has to offer. 😨

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