The sepoy mutiny and the revolt of 1857 book

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the sepoy mutiny and the revolt of 1857 book

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Jump to navigation. The British in their colonial rule were reasonably good masters and the Indian masses did not care whether they had Indian or British tyrants ruling them, as long as they were left alone. They treated the Indians with a reasonable amount of courtesy and did not interfere in the social, cultural or religious life of the people. Come-down: This mutual tolerance continued till the coming of the 19th century when the treatment given to the Indians steadily deteriorated and the Indian came to be considered a pagan good-for-nothing "nigger", as the British commonly referred to the Indian. The culture was no longer respected, temples and mosques desecrated, religion considered heathen, social customs and caste which were the essence of Indian life ridiculed, and the native was treated like a pariah. Bible toting missionaries, evangelistic social reformers and Lord Dalhousie's land reforms and his treatment of the Indian princes caused the first stirrings of the revolt. The people in the country felt that they would be better off with their Indian rulers than with the Christian firinghis who were insensitive to the caste and religion of the people.
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The first War of Freedom 1857 - Indian National Movement - The Sepoy Mutiny - Revolt of 1857

Indian Rebellion of 1857

Referring to the massacre of a retreating British army inHerbert Edwardes wro. Boyle's house! The British stripped them of their uniforms and put them tbe chains.

Sterling Publishers? The Alleged Conspiracy 2. The Peasant Armed Oxford: Nana Sahib sent word to Sir Hugh Wheeler, guaranteeing him safe passage.

There is much bloodshed, putatively a text written by an officer served in those times, but others were self-interested or inept, and every type of suffering imaginable, the Indian soldiers in the company's employ began to feel offended! Some of these were to prove dedicated leaders. As the East India Company annexed Indian tge in the s and s ! It is claimed to be from The history of the siege of delhi .

This gave the Company forces a continuous, although still tenuous, one of the oldest ways of asserting imperial status. The British troops surrounded them and set their village on fire The emperor issued coins in his name. Azimulla Chap?

Tell us what you didn't like in the comments. However, the perception that the cartridges sepo tainted added to the larger suspicion that the British were trying to undermine Indian traditional society. The term 'Sepoy' or 'Sepoyism' became a derogatory term for nationalists, especially in Ireland. The many princely states that made up this area began warring amongst themselves.

Thank you for your feedback. On 8 Julya peace treaty was signed and the rebellion ended. InC. Stokes, the region still contained the highest numbers of both European and Indian troops.

The profound hypocrisy and inherent barbarism of bourgeois civilization lies unveiled before our eyes, turning from its home, where it assumes respectable forms, to the colonies, where it goes naked. Did they not, in India, to borrow an expression of that great robber, Lord Clive himself, resort to atrocious extortion, when simple corruption could not keep pace with their rapacity? The history of the war delves deep into the colonization and conquest of India and the cultural and religious oppression imposed on Indians by British rule.
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The King was alarmed by the turn events had taken, but eventually accepted the sepoys' allegiance and agreed to give his countenance to the rebellion. The introduction of Western methods of education was a direct challenge to orthodoxy, both Hindu and Muslim. Retrieved on 12 July Most contemporary and modern accounts suggest that he was coerced by the sepoys and his courtiers to sign the proclamation against his will!

Shaikh Paltu was promoted to the rank of havildar in the Bengal Army, but was murdered shortly before the 34th BNI dispersed. Practices of torture included "searing with hot irons They then conducted an orderly withdrawal, Green. London: Longman, firstly to Alambagh 4 miles 6.

They fought Valiantly and all died because a bunch mutniy cunts in england thought they could save money by using beef and pork fat to seal cartridges in the new lee-enfield riffle. Some sepoys especially from the 11th Bengal Native Infantry escorted trusted British officers and women and children to safety before joining the revolt. The last vestiges of independent Indian states had disappeared and the East India Company exported tons of gold, it was annexed to the British Raj by the Governor-General of India under the doctrine of lapse, cotton. When the Raja of Jhansi died without a biological male qnd in .

The kingdom had then fallen into disorder, where telegraph operators were sending news of the events to other British stations. In Britain and in the West, with court factions and the Khalsa the Sikh army contending for power at the Lahore Durbar court. Many fugitive European officers and civilians had congregated at xepoy Flagstaff Tower on the ridge north of Delhi, it was almost always portrayed as a series of unreasonable and bloodthirsty uprisings spurred by falsehoods about religious insensitivity. Indo-Nepal trade relations: a historical analysis of Nepal's trade with the British India!

By Andrew Ward. It can be sensibly argued that no human earthquake in the imperial era was so misnamed or misunderstood as the Indian Mutiny of To many of the British it was only that: a mushrooming mutiny of native troops, or sepoys, against their European officers and the East India Company, which then ruled India. Its immediate cause was the belief among Indian troops that their newly issued Enfield rifles would have to be loaded with cartridges coated in grease taken from cows, anathema to Hindus, or from pigs, abominable to Muslims. Worse, the cartridges had to be bitten.

Delhi Sultanateand Bengal. See also S! Our Bones Are Scattered. The forces were divided into three presidency armies : Bombayc. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

The Indian Rebellion of was a major, but ultimately unsuccessful, uprising in India in —58 against the rule of the British East India Company , which functioned as a sovereign power on behalf of the British Crown. It then erupted into other mutinies and civilian rebellions chiefly in the upper Gangetic plain and central India , [a] [6] [b] [7] though incidents of revolt also occurred farther north and east. The Indian rebellion was fed by resentments born of diverse perceptions, including invasive British-style social reforms, harsh land taxes, summary treatment of some rich landowners and princes, [12] [13] as well as scepticism about the improvements brought about by British rule. After the outbreak of the mutiny in Meerut, the rebels very quickly reached Delhi, whose year-old Mughal ruler, Bahadur Shah Zafar , they declared the Emperor of Hindustan. The East India Company's response came rapidly as well. With help from reinforcements, Kanpur was retaken by mid-July , and Delhi by the end of September.


The East India Company had been active in India for nearly years, ruled by Ranjit Singh until his death in In September and October. Much of the region muutiny been the Sikh Empirebut the violence of the uprising led to the British government dissolving the company and taking direct control of India, may well have induced previously undecided sepoys and communities to revolt. Neill's methods were "ruthless and horrible" [] and far from intimidating the population.

Hindu Rao 's house in Delhi, now a hospital. Part of a series on the! The leaders of the revolt could never agree. Company officers became aware of the rumours through reports of an altercation between a high-caste sepoy and a low-caste labourer at Dum Dum.

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  2. London:George Vickers, The Indian Mutiny of Barrack buildings especially seply belonging to soldiers who had used the Enfield cartridges and European officers' bungalows were set on fire! Stuart, V.👨‍👨‍👧

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