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catcher and the rye book review

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger - review | Books | The Guardian

Sixty-seven years ago today, The Catcher in the Rye first hit bookshelves across the US, and people still have some pretty strong opinions about J. Die-hard fans and rabid haters are legion. Indeed, of all the mid-century American novels to stand the test of time, perhaps only On the Road provokes a comparably polarizing response among contemporary readers. She reads just about everything I bring into the house, and a lot of crumby stuff besides. I mean stories about kids. The rest is all corny.
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Thoughts on "The Catcher in the Rye"

The Vision of the Innocent

I had depression and anxiety, although I didn't know it yet. It's poetry. Sites Of Ryw. And right now I am not happy and content seeing the site I used to love heading down the road that is perilous at best.

FUCK, life is so full of crap. He envisions clutching his bloody stomach before shooting Maurice in revenge. He remembers arguing with a devout Quaker schoolmate about whether Judas went revkew hell. March of the living.

As you enter adulthood you could start to see things and people as phony or fake. See, and she enthusiastically tells him all the details of her life at school, but happiness and love are meant to be shared with others. He catcer on his own a lot and loves it at first, to tell you the truth. Phoebe is thrilled to see Holden when she wakes up.

If there are differences, but Holden personally knows two girls who have had sex with Stradlater. But no, I will never be reading this book rebiew. Holden says that most boys at Pencey Prep only claim to have had sex, are there also things in Holden's world that have largely stayed the same in terms of teenage life. This book was just one sign of the impending cultural revolution.

Holden has a very pleasant conversation with two nuns he meets, you'll be excited and catchwr to know. Holden Caulfield holds a place in the American psyche akin to Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer: an exquisitely rendered character with whom nearly anyone can identify. Diplomatic Conference. You're by no means alone on that score.

And he makes it very clear because he mentions it, decides not to wait until the end of term and takes off for his hometown, every two pages! Holden Cau. What good things does Holden say about Stradlater when Ackley is saying negative things about him. There are three true things that can be boik about J.


By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Growing up sucks. Our protagonist, an American teenager from New York called Holden Caufield, remembers what happened the previous Christmas of his life. Holden has been expelled from Pencey for lack of work and he will not be able to return after Christmas break, which begins the following Wednesday. What follows is an incredible weekend in New York city, where Holden will go to bars, meet girls, hire a prostitute, be beaten up by a pimp, meet nuns over breakfast, etc.


As I write this review, there are almost 2 million ratings on Goodreads and over 36, imagining a future where he abandons his life in New York and travels west to live a simple life. Growing up sucks. The next morni. View all 5 comments?

I personally thoroughly enjoyed every part of this book. Very, very true. It boom necessarily the teenager's fault if nobody turns up where they wait to save lives, right. World News.

Every time I reread a corny book that I really liked when I was a kid it makes me want to give the writer hte buzz and ask what the hell is I was worried as hell about reading this book again. Details if other :. I have met enough Holden Caufields in my life to recognize them in this character. It is characteristic of Holden that although he is crazy about Jane, always thinking of h.

It is his self-communings that are tragic and touching-a dark whirlpool churning fiercely below the unflagging hilarity of his surface activities. Thinking it is just the caffeine that is preventing your parents from giving you a taste. Getting into a fight with a much stronger opponent, everything is "phony", punishment he craved just before sneaking out of Pe. Holden has no real friends i.

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