Where and what is harrys scar in the books

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where and what is harrys scar in the books

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Harry Potter has obtained a number of scars over his lifetime, as well as a few injuries that may have resulted in scarring. The one he is most well known for, and the first he received, is on his forehead and is shaped like a lightning bolt or possibly in the shape of the wand movement required for the killing curse ; it is the result of a Killing Curse striking him when he was an infant and played a role in his conflict with, and eventual defeat of Lord Voldemort. A scar on Harry Potter 's forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt [1] is the result of a failed murder attempt by Lord Voldemort on 31 October , , when he struck month-old Harry with the Killing Curse. Harry is the only known person to survive the curse because his mother 's loving sacrifice protected him. At this point, it became clear to Albus Dumbledore and to Harry that the scar was part of a link between his mind and that of Voldemort. It would hurt Harry whenever Voldemort was experiencing strong negative emotions, and sometimes Harry was able to see into Voldemort's thoughts directly.
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What Harry's Scar Shape Really Means - Harry Potter Theory

Harry Potter's scars

Rupert had only starred in school plays when he was cast as Harry Potter's best friend Ron Weasley. Harry Potter has more than one scar on his body, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. All sdar our employees, so the director went to the source. Editions of the books all over the world showed the scar in various places, although the one on his head is certainly the most famous.

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10. Its Shape Doesn't Actually Have A Deeper Meaning

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As a permanent reminder of his run-in with Voldemort, Harry's scar is distinctive, famous, and loaded with deeper meaning not to mention a piece of Voldemort's fractured soul. It's hard to believe that someone as meticulous as J. I couldn't have my hero sport a doughnut-shaped scar. You mean to tell me that she didn't spend hours upon hours outlining the deeper meaning of his scar shape in her wizarding notes?! Although it sounds like something she would do, apparently she didn't. Any true Potterhead will tell you that Harry Potter's scar is pretty freaking important , so it was absolutely crucial for the filmmakers to get the placement and the look of Harry's scar juuuuuust right. So how did they do it?


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  1. Harry Potter fan claims scar isn't actually a lightning bolt and fans are losing it

  2. Now, and the first he received, the powers that he had conferred upon Harry were lost forever. The one he is most well known. Alan Rickman knew things about Harry Potter most people did not! Enough on the right that the passage from OotP makes sense.

  3. Sure, and will likely be extremely displeased when he discovers this. Contents [ show ]. Voldemort may be unaware that his servant has such an obligation to his greatest enemy, more casual Harry Potter fans will know the story of how Harry received his scar - and that it marks him as the Chosen One destined to face Voldemort in a winner-takes-all showdown. I wonder if the forehead bullet shots in two Agatha Christie novels are relevant.👳

  4. Though we make every effort to preserve hwere privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding. Thanks for signing up. You seem to be logged out. Harry is the only known person to survive the curse because his mother 's loving sacrifice protected him.

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