Comic book pressing before and after

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comic book pressing before and after

Comic Book Pressing Video Course | CourseCraft

While pressing has been a mainstay of restoration treatment for decades, it has only recently been adopted by some comic collectors as a way of improving the overall appearance of a book without finding or purchasing a higher grade example. The process of pressing a comic book does not usually involve the disassembly of the book i. Instead, a controlled environment is created where methods and technologies are utilized to provide direct application of pressure to the surface of a comic book in order to remove deformations and light defects. Recently, our pricing has changed. This service is offered at a standard 'price per book' fee, regardless of the age of the book or the current condition.
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What are the tell-tale signs (if any) a book has been pressed? Some books Same book. Before and after a spine realignment, with a press.


Placing your humidity tank under a window seal with the bright sun shining down on it will also help create steam inside tank. The idea is simple: to smooth out the waves and bumps on the cover of a comic book. What about restoration detection or how to press squarebound prestige format comics. It is not recommended to leave a comic book inside humidity chamber over befoee hours.

Swiffer Sheets from the cleaning department of any local store like Target or Walmart. Josh took the time to answer all my questions and send me pictures. We review all six books one by one to see how they turned out. The water level is what is the most crucial element to your tank working effectively.

The water level is what is the most crucial element to your tank working effectively. Preasing and see what works best for you and your needs. Make sure the pressure plate and silicone release paper being used against the book is clean and free of dirt. Avoiding the annoying version of a Seal M press.

It is scrap after 1 use. Dry cleaning removes dirt, grime. This makes the overall grade and eye appeal of the book increase considerably. Considerations of managing your SRP in regular use. › photo-gallery.
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Results That Matter.

You will imprint wrinkles from used SRP paper right into the next book you press. Once you've enrolled and paid, you do not need beforee flip the book or remove anything. Do not boil more than cups. Here is what a humidity tank can do for you:. Once the press machine has reached desired temperature and time duration, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need!

We're changing things, and the "industry heavyweights" don't like it at all. And what we are about to reveal is such a closely guarded industry "secret" it's almost like a "license to print money". It's called "comic book pressing". Don't worry if you've never heard of it - most people outside the "comic book elite" haven't. Here's the Thing That would put them out of business! We are happy to teach you the A-Z of pressing comic books!


I would not reuse copy paper, backing boards. Date stamps. Do NOT use humidity on books that feature:. Do not place the backer board under the staple prongs.

Always use inkjet paper and not laserjet copy paper. If you are using metal plates in your press, you will not flip the book. Comic Book CPR answers all of those questions and more. Let me start by saying that andd guy is amazing.

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  2. You will get maximum results from spine damaged books using cardstock and steel plates in your press machine. I explained to him that I want everyone to see there is no trace of the defect after pressing, or from top down steep angle hides ane defects, glossy side outwards away from book. I've been requested to list briefly what can be done to avoid each concern. Make sure backer boards are flat side in.

  3. Comic book pressing photo gallery featuring before and after pictures of Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, Astonishing Tales, Daredevil, and Wolverine.

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