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tane and the stars book

Tane and the Stars : Ron Bacon :

Twelve-year-old Daniel wants to play professional rugby league for the NZ Warriors! Of course he is far too young, but Daniel has a secret, and to everyone's amazement ends up on the team. But that's just where the fun begins! Read this book? Add your rating. A quirky little story
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How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers

Tane and the Stars (Bilingual Myths of Aotearoa) by Ron Bacon & Manu Smith These 10 page books by Ron Bacon and Manu Smith, retell classic Maori.

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  1. I would like to thank you for penning such enjoyable series'! This book will appeal to boys and girls, whether or not they are rugby league fans Pushing aside the strange attraction he felt for her. Leza woke up to her body on fire.

  2. Retells the traditional Maori tale of how Tane, seeing the night sky so dark, made the stars and scattered them across the sky. Suggested level: junior.

  3. A Quick Sun Rises (The Master of the Tane Book 3) eBook: Thomas Rath: iamccc.com: Kindle Store

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