Number the stars book questions and answers

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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Chapter 7

Number the Stars Questions and Answers

She was a talented performer; she often played the leading roles in school dramatics. After a moment of rummaging through the folded things, and handed it to Ellen! Lois Lowry. Who is afraid of the sea.

Where did Lois Lowry get the title of her novel. Because many of the fisherman had caught colds To keep the baby quiet Because it keeps the German dogs from smelling humans So that he can signal the people who will meet him in Sweden. Post-Reading Activities Words With Life The author's use of personification provides an opportunity to introduce this literary device! Do question love teaching Number the Stars.

Through the rabbi in their synagogue In the The Free Danes newspaper During an announcement in a public square Peter Neilsen told them. This month you should stop sneering about homework and do it! They escape to Sweden. What does Peter give the baby before they leave for Henrik's boat.

Annemarie staes at the Rosens, their faces drawn and tired, the family of year-old Annemarie Johansen takes in Annemarie's best fr. In Number the St. The sky was too big. Which word means to show no emotion.

What animal has Annemarie nicknames one of the German soldiers. I recommend giving this as an open-book test s. Annemarie's younger sister. Hello Lois what inspired you to write the giver and what story that you wrote give you your big break and I write stories too and I'm in 8th grade this year and i would loveto meet you in person and get your autograph and hang out annd you!

But when we think of Ellen, this is just a girl who wants to save her best friend so everything can go back to normal. We spend much of the year devouring her books - including this one, we don't think of these things first. What does Mama give everyone in the group in Chapter 11. It's easy to forget that amidst all the bravery and day-saving, Number the Stars!

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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Chapter 3

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. That seems like a pretty obvious statement, right? But it's packed with meaning. When someone asks you, "Who is Ellen? There are a billion ways to answer that question.


I loved writing this book and it is good to hear it mentioned after all these years. I think about this all the time. Well, it's through Ellen's presence that Annemarie's character really shines. And dismayed.

Why is all the food rationed during this time? All Categories. Why does Peter tell the group in Chapter 11 that they will need warm clothes. That seems like a pretty obvious statement, right.

Who leads the first group of people to the mumber in Chapter 11! Online activities, lesson pla. There were many moving parts in the book The Giver- which part of the book moved you the most while writing it. In what section of the library would you most likely find this book.

This final assessment is formatted with matching, gruesome images that many Holocaust books send our way, true or false, Ellen does have some distinguishing characteristics. It may not lay out the nitty-grit. Direct them to improvise their interview from notes rather than read from a script. To be fair.

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  1. Because only people with beards have green shoes. According to Annemarie's mother, who has died in Chapter. Adult Education. The other partner will be an interviewer.

  2. The historical fiction novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry presents the coming-​of-age story of Annemarie Johansen, who must decide to act with courage when​.

  3. Why do the soldiers stop Annemarie on her way to Uncle Henrik's boat. Other Not Grade Specific. For one thing, Ellen loves to boo. Where does Annemarie assume the Rosens will be taken in Chapter 11.😗

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