Islam and hinduism dr zakir naik pdf

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islam and hinduism dr zakir naik pdf

Zakir Naik exclusive interview: 'Won't come back to India if BJP is in power' - The Week

The Hindu Pundits and Scholars agree that the Vedas and other Hindu religious scriptures prohibit idol worship, but initially because the mind may not be matured, an idol is required for concentration while worshipping. After the mind reaches higher consciousness, the idol is not required for concentration. If an idol is required for concentration only in the initial stages and not later on when the mind reaches higher consciousness then I would like to say the Muslims have already reached the state of higher consciousness because when we worship Allah swt we do not require any idol or statue. Child asks why does it thunder? He said that when our child asks us, "Why does the sky thunder? Similarly in the initial stages people require an idol for concentration. I will never give such a wrong answer to my child because later on when he goes to school and learns that the thundering sound after lightning is due to the expansion of rapidly heated air, he will either think that the teacher is lying or later on when he understands the fact he will conclude that the father is a liar.
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Prophecies of Muhammad (pbuh) in the Hindu scriptures convinces a Girl to enter the fold of Islam

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Similarities between Islam and Hinduism ( in Urdu) by Zakir Naik

Are you doing it at your own free will. I do not feel bad anymore? After three months chances of getting bail are less.

Makkah hinduis known as Darul Aman, which means house of peace and security. If tomorrow someone tells them if you attack Hinduism you will come to power they will attack Hinduism. Moreover since all the previous revelations were not meant to be followed for eternity, Almighty God did not preserve them in their original form. There is nothing new.

During my speech however. He is Mamah Rishi. Youssef Nour marked it as to-read Feb 24. So, I clarified this misconception.

But now the agencies release a part of the same information. This does not gel with the image of a religious preacher. This is also the hinduizm our licence was renewed automatically even during the Modi government?

Much more than documents.

He attended St. We can't differentiate between them, you will come to know that the basic teachings of all the religions are the same. The reply he got from many heads of state was that they personally know Dr Zakir Naik. So, that is a sin. The punishment is so severe that it is a deterrent for the criminal to commit the crime.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, religion means a belief in personal God or a God who deserves worship and obedience. In short, religion means a belief in God. Religion is actually a way of life and it guides you how a life should be led. We believe that all true religions are from God. The reason why I compare religions is that I believe that God Almighty has sent only one way of life, only one religion. If you compare you will come to know the differences. So, when you compare religions, you will come to know that the basic teachings of all the religions are the same.


If you ask any practising Hindu-a priest, not a political priest-he is not bothered. After they requested, we gave them permission. Does Modi know Hindu scriptures. Mocking means I am trying to give false information.

Kalki Avatar will go to the mountains and receive knowledge from Parsuram, then go towards the north and come back. He is the truth and truth is the justice or justice reveals the truth; they are compatible with each other! What was the BJP government doing last so many years. He wrote that there was no scripture in the world which was as authentic as the Quran.

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  1. Just a moment while we sign you in hijduism your Goodreads account. They may be fearing that putting an Islamic channel after the attacks may bring a backlash, because most of them living in that country are non-Muslims. Otherwise, then you are going against the scriptures. But if you give image to him, it does not make any sense to claim that he is now on Arsh.

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