The happy prince questions and answers pdf

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the happy prince questions and answers pdf

The Happy Prince and Other Tales Questions and Answers | Q & A | GradeSaver

These solutions for The Happy Prince are extremely popular among Class 9 students for English The Happy Prince Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him? When he was alive, he did not know what tears were for he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter. However, when he died and was made into a statue, he was not happy and tears flowed down his eyes on seeing the state of his city. He could see all the misery and ugliness of the city around him.
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BA English Short Stories, The Happy Prince Lec 1 - BA Part 1 - BA English Book 2 Short Stories PU/SU

Absolutely free. Chapter-5 English Language and Literature.

Short & Long Question Answer - The Happy Prince | Chapter 5 - The Happy Prince | Class 9

The next morning, the Mayor of the city passed the statue while walking with the other Town Councillors! How did he spread it. He humbly pleaded with the swallow to be his messenger. Thus the Happy Prince helped the poor and sad people of his city.

Textual The Happy Prince sends a ruby for the seamstress to help her get over her poverty so that she prinve buy food and medicine for her son. With new schools coming up, parents get utterly confused which school will be the best for their No sorrow was allowed to enter there. It is because helping others is the essence of life.

Therefore, it means that the rulers at that time did not know about the problems and the difficulties of the masses. He was trying to finish a play for the theatre. So the prince asked the swallow to pluck out his other eye and give it to that girl. B Answfrs the Happy Prince had given away his sapphires for the poor.

God sent one of his angels to bring the two most precious things. The story concludes that goodness is everlasting and ever- rewarding. He fanned the son of the poor woman and gave him comfort. What was the result.

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There's another theme I lope that you remmber them please for example the theme appearence and reality ,child labor………… etc. Very interesting information, keep on sharing. It's very hard to be a good writer. First of all, one must be very skillful and educated. Is he really happy? What does he see all around him?


But the swallow told him that he was going to die and saying so he kissed the Happy Prince on the lips and fell down to death at his feet. Therefore, the swallow decided to stay with the prince always. The Prince wanted to help him. When he was alive he lived in a palace.

Answer: The seamstress was tired due to overwork. He became a constant companion to the Prince after both the sapphires had been plucked out from his eye sockets! He psf a fever and was asking for oranges. C on a tall column.

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  1. Ans: Flying over the city, the swallow saw the difference in the ways the rich and the poor lived. He wanted to cat oranges. What did this realisation prompt him to do. I believe in helping others.

  2. It is most famous for its title story, "The Happy Prince". Comprehension - Answer the questions. Give complete answers. 1. Where was Oscar Wilde born?

  3. However, when he died, his kingdom was doomed with misery. After he died, his statue was erected atop a high platform. It is equipped with a summary of the lesson and a detailed explanation. The Happy Prince Questions and Answers have also been given for a better understanding. 👩‍🏭

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