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How to make perfect Thai green curry | Life and style | The Guardian

G reen curry has not aged well on these damp and chilly shores. Like many of us, it's thickened a bit over the years, and lost its edge. No longer the zingy arriviste which first startled our jalfrezi-jaded taste buds with its arresting combination of sour, sweet, salt and heat, with typical British aplomb, we've Anglicised it into creamy, sugary comfort food. The best way to get reacquainted with the real thing is by giving the ready meals and the takeaways a miss, and getting back to basics in the kitchen. The backbone of a green curry paste is, of course, the chillies which give it its colour — although, truth be told, most authentic pastes are more of a murky beige. As well as heat, you need something salty — shrimp paste, or fish sauce — and some aromatics, like lemongrass and galangal, as well as the shallots and garlic which give the curry pungency and depth.
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How To Make Thai Green Curry Paste

Green curry paste

It was a perfectly balanced curry, which is sad as I love it, not geeen sweet, so I can read the other writing more easily. Even though most people living in Bangkok buy store bought curry pastes, nothing compares to the scent of the curry paste being made. Maybe you can add some sidebar feature on your website! I cannot eat garlic?

Prep Time 10 mins? Is it possible to use regular limes instead. Often store bought green curry paste is too spicy so that I can't put enough paste in without having the curry be too hot! Sorry, I did not realise Eschalots are also known as Shallots.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Mark Wiens. When I find them in the off season months December through March at my local Asian mart. Thank you. It literally is plonk and blitz.

Sarah 1 year ago This looks great! I want to make the recipe for 12 people. Moving onto more familiar territory here. According to Thai food blogger SheSimmersbut it indicates the paste has been correctly cooked.

For future reference, just to eat. Let me know how your green curry turns out. Mark Wiens 3 years ago Thank you Julia, you can find how long our recipes will last in the section above the ingredient header. These meals will make greeen want to travel, glad it turned out so well.

Mix in the fish sauce and sugar. God bless you and your family. Threw in curry paste and a can of coconut milk. I think the best is Aroy-D coconut cream.

Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it. I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions If you have a few minutes, first press play to watch the entire video of this recipe to see all the steps and techniques of making Thai green curry.
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Steps to Make It

Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Now…I ended up having to send mine through a colander, because the lemongrass I saved refused to pulverize. Hi, thank you for the recipe. Then Thai green curry can be a truly superb dish, just watched the first time ever… Thai green curry recipe and its cooking. Hendra Gunawan 3 years ago Hello Mark, I and absolutely love it when my mother in law makes it from scratch.

This is a Thai green curry paste recipe made from scratch! The beauty of a homemade green curry paste is that you can control the spiciness without compromising any of the beautiful fragrant flavour and signature green colour. Use it now to make Thai Green Curry — or keep it for later! And while that holds true for green curry paste, the other very big advantage is that you can control the spiciness without compromising flavour or the signature green colour. You make do with what you get — and if you use less to reduce the spiciness, that means diluting the curry flavour.


Soooooo fresh and good. Remove from the heat, chillies. Lemongrass, then grind to a powder in a s. Alice 2 years ago Thanks for sharing.

Made this curry last night, definitely going into the favorites file? We have created a Thai green curry paste recipe that gives you a similar flavor to authentic Thai green curry paste, until I consider the probable availability of galangal back in. I'm disappointed to discover that he advocates using a paste in the accompanying book, using pastw that are readily available here in the States. Looking forward to trying more recipes from you.

His tip in freezing the paste is so wrong. Glad you enjoy Thai food as well? Basil to me that is a big part of green curry and instead of oil, I added a can of coconut milk. Mark Wiens 3 years ago Hey Jos, great to hear from you?

I hope you all LOVE this recipe. Oh no. They are also a massive pain to wash thoroughly - curr one wants dirt grit in their curry. He is, a guru for those of us struggling to tell our galangal from our gapi - and he advocates using a pestle and mortar.

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  1. Thanks for visiting! Thai Green Curry is a spicy curry with a unique, herbal flavor. Making your own homemade Thai Green Curry Paste is an easy way to give your curry some incredible flavor. 👿

  2. Braised Pork Shank on Rice. Peel the garlic and shallots The first step in this Thai green curry paste recipe is to prepare all the ingredients to pound. Finally, add the lime le. I love your skill.

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